Derbyshire 1735 - 1799
159 death sentences were passed during this period of which 35 were carried out .
Name Crime Execution date
John Smith Housebreaking F 15 August 1735
Richard Woodward Highway robbery Th.30 March 1738
William Dolphin Highway robbery W9 April 1740
George Ashmore Counterfeiting F29 August 1740
William Elliott Privately stealing F10 April 1741
Robert Bowler Shot at F7 August 1741
Mary Dilke Murder of her male bastard S23 March 1754††
Ann Williamson†† Pickpocket F1 August 1755
John Ratcliffe Horse theft M2 April 1756
Thomas Hulley At large F29 April 1757
Charles Kirkman Murder of his bastard child S24 March 1759
Amos Mason & Highway robbery F12 August 1763
James Perry Highway robbery F12 August 1763
John Lowe Housebreaking W20 April 1768
Charles Pleazant Forgery W4 May 1768
Matthew Cocklane Murder of Mary Vickers Th. 21 March 1776
James Meadows Highway robbery F31 March 1780
William Buxton Highway robbery F25 August 1780
James Williams Horse theft Th.28 March 1782
John Shaw At large F2 August 1782
Thomas Greensmith Burglary Th.8 April 1784
William Rose Horse theft F16 April 1784
George Grooby Burglary in a shop F1 April 1785
William Grooby & Burglary in a shop F1 April 1785
James Batt Burglary in a shop F1 April 1785
John Shepherd Housebreaking F7 April 1786
William Stanley Burglary F7 April 1786
James Haliburton Rape of Millicent Smith S2 September 1786
John Porson Pickpocket M9 April 1787
Thomas Grundy Murder of his brother S22 March 1788
Joseph Allen Stealing in a dwelling house F13 August 1790
William Rider Rape of Mary Barton F1 April 1791
James Murray Housebreaking F4 April 1794
Thomas Nevill Highway robbery F10 April 1795
James Preston Murder of Susannah Moretonís bastard Th.17 March 1796