Miscellaneous jurisdictions in Kent
Canterbury, Rye, Sandwich & Tenterden were able to pass death sentences
at Quarter Sessions which led to a total of nine confirmed executions.
Name Crime Execution date
Canterbury - 5 executions  
The first four took place on the permanent gallows at Oaten Hill, the last 
was carried out on a "New Drop" gallows outside the Goaler's House 
of Dunston Gaol.  This was used for subsequent hangings in the 19th century
William Hook Housebreaking F  4 January 1745 
Margaret Mantle Murdering her bastard S  21 December 1754 
James Gray and Breaking into a dwelling house ??/??/1769
Thomas Gray Breaking into a dwelling house ??/??/1769
Margaret Hughes Murder of her husband Thomas W  24 July 1799
Rye -  1 execution    
John Breads Murder of Allan Grebell.   W   8 June 1743 
After execution his body was hanged in chains at Rye.    
Sandwich -  1 execution  
 Israel Cladinbold Housebreaking W  6 November 1745
Tenterden - 2 executions  
George Edmett & Burglary S  27 August 1785
 Joseph Taylor Burglary S  27 August 1785