Name Ellis, Ruth Apparent Age 28 years

At H. M. Prison Holloway Date July 13 1955






How long dead

Well nourished
Evidence of proper care and attention.
Height 5ft. 2ins. Weight 103 lbs.

DEEP IMPRESSIONS AROUND NECK from noose with a suspension point about 1 inch in front of the angle of the L. lower jaw.
Vital changes locally and in the tissues beneath as a consequence of sudden constriction.
No ecchymoses in the face, or indeed, elsewhere.
No marks of restraint.
1 hour.


Skull … … …

Basic Meninges

Mouth, tongue,
Oesophagus … …

Larynx, Trachea, Lungs

Pericardium, Heart and blood vessels … …

Stomach and contents …

Intestines, etc. …

Liver, and Gall bladder


Kidneys and Ureters
Bladder etc. … … …

Generative organs … …


Fracture - dislocation of the spine at C2 with a 2 inch gap and transverse separation of the spinal cord at the same level.

Fracture of both wings of the Hyoid and R. wing of the Thyroid cartilage, larynx also fractured.

Air passages clear and lungs quite free from disease or other change. No engorgement. No asphyxial changes.

No organic changes. No petechiae or other evidence of organic change.

Small food residue, and odour of brandy. No disease.


Terminal congestion only.


Slight terminal congestion only.

Lower abdominal operation scar for ectopic pregnancy operation in L. tube, now healed. No pregnancy.

Other remarks … …

Deceased was a healthy subject at the time of death.
Mark of suspension normally situated and injuries from
judicial hanging - to the spinal column - such as must have caused instant death.


Injuries to the central nervous system
consequent upon judicial hanging.

Signed Keith Simpson
M. D. Lond.
146, Harley St. W. 1 and Guy's Hospital (Pathologist)
Registrar in Forensic Medicine London University