About the author and bibliography.

Author’s name : Richard Clark. The Capital Punishment UK website was started by me in 1995.
The information contained in these pages is my own work and research, unless otherwise stated and remains my copyright.
This site is intended for use for research and educational purposes, however the information contained herein, including illustrations, may not be used for commercial purposes without my written permission.

Books by the author.

Women and the Noose published by the History Press (2008)

Capital Punishment in Britain published by Ian Allen (November 2009)


Some of the books used in research for this site are :

Hangman by Brian Bailey

The Murderers Who's Who by J H Gaute and R. O'Dell

Executioner - Albert Pierrepoint’s auto-biography

Executioner by Stewart Evans

Diary of a Hangman by John Ellis

Hanging in the Balance by Harry Potter

The Royal Commission on Capital Punishment report 1953

A History of Capital Punishment by John Lawrence (1935)

Various Amnesty International publications

The Newgate Calendar

Execution Suite by Stewart McLaughlin

Women and the Death Penalty in the USA by Kathleen O'Shea

The Encyclopedia of Executions by John Eddlestone

Murders of the Black Museum by Gordon Honeycombe

Murder What Done It by J H H Gaute and Robin Odell

Look for the Woman by Jay Robert Nash

Lady killers by J H H Gaute and Robin Odell

40 years of Murder by Professor Keith Simpson.

The Hangman's Diary by Rocky Stockton.

Plus old newspapers, prison records and Home Office publications.

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