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Individual cases


Capital punishment in Britain.

Catherine Hayes

History of the death penalty in Britain

Complete listings of British executions

Sarah Malcolm

The history of judicial hanging in Britain

England & Wales - 1900 - 1931 & 1932 - 1964

Jenny Diver

Timeline of British capital punishment

England & Wales 1868 - 1899 & 1837 - 1868

Elizabeth Harrard

The end of public hangings

England & Wales 1800 - 1827 & 1828 -1836

Mary Blandy

Abolition of capital punishment in Britain

England & Wales 1735 – 1799 by circuit

Elizabeth Jeffries

The reprieve system 

Scotland 1800 -1899 & 1900 - 1963

Earl Ferrers

Insanity and the death penalty

Northern Ireland 1900 -1961

Elizabeth Brownrigg

Royal Commission Reports 1886 & 1953

Southern Irish executions 1900 - 1954 & 1835 - 1899

Mary Jones

Arguments for and against capital punishment (UK)

Channel Islands and Isle of Man executions

Ann Beddingfield

Thoughts on crime and punishment

The female hanged 1800 - 1868 & 1868 - 1955

Charlotte Gardiner

Thoughts on Human Rights

The female executed 1735 - 1799

Elizabeth Taylor

Executions of children, juveniles & teenage girls

Executions at the Tower of London

Phoebe Harris

English hangmen 1850 - 1964

Hanged at Execution Dock

Sarah Lloyd

Earlier hangmen

Hanging myths and facts

Ann Hurle

The 18th & 19th century UK index page

Elizabeth Godfrey


Edith Morrey

The death penalty in the USA.

Eliza Fenning

Hanged by the neck until you are dead!

Billy Bailey

Elizabeth Fricker

Lethal Injection with specific cases opposite

Velma Barfeld, Karla Faye Tucker, Christina Riggs

Melinda Mapson

The electric chair with specific cases opposite

Toni Jo Henry, Nicholas Ingram & Judi Buenoano

Mary Bateman

The gas chamber with specific cases opposite

Barbara Graham, Robert Alton Harris, Jimmy Gray

Infanticide (4 cases)

Firing squad – Gilmore, Taylor & Gardner

Charlie Brooks - the first lethal injection

Catherine Kinrade

Timothy Judy - Indiana 1981

US executions updated monthly

John Thurtell

The American female hanged

Arguments for and against the death penalty (USA)

Jane Scott

American female executions 1900 - 2014  Bios of them

The death penalty and deterrence in the USA

Bel Mc’Menemy

Kentucky murders 1897 - 1936

Kentucky murders 1962 -2008

Arsenic poisoners

Execution methods

Mary Ann Burdock

Present day and recent methods

From times gone by

The Stackpooles

The process of judicial hanging

Burning at the stake

Helen Blackwood


The garrote

Elizabeth Browne

Lethal Injection

The guillotine

Maria Manning

The electric chair

Hanging, drawing and quartering

John Tawell

Shooting and the firing squad

The Gallows Galleries

Victorian child murderers (9 cases)

The gas chamber

The Gallows Galleries 2

Catherine Wilson


Franz Műller

Histories of some English “hanging” prisons & places of execution

Frances Kidder

Armley prison Leeds

Lancaster Castle

Thomas Wells

Beaumaris Gaol (Anglesey)

Maidstone prison

Alexander Mackay

Bodmin Gaol

Newgate prison 1800 - 1902

Elizabeth Pearson

Derby’s three prisons

Pentonville prison

Mary Ann Barry

Durham prison

Shepton Mallet prison

William Horry

Gloucester prison

Strangeways prison (Manchester)

Frances Stewart

Holloway prison

Walton prison (Liverpool)

Mary Lefley

Horsemonger Lane Gaol in Surrey

Wandsworth prison

Selina Wadge


York castle prison

Kate Webster

Places of execution 18/19th centuries

Places of execution in the 20th century

Elizabeth Berry


Margaret Walber

Capital punishment worldwide

Louisa Jane Taylor


Mary Wheeler

Overview of the death penalty in 2013

Executions worldwide updated monthly

Baby Farmers

Female executions 2000 - 2014

Female hangings worldwide 1988 - 2014

Mary Ann Ansell

Abolition of the death penalty in Europe

Focus on the execution of women in Iran

Louise Masset

Last female executions in Europe

Focus on the execution of children in Iran

Emily Swann

The situation in Commonwealth countries

Focus on executions in Kuwait

The Stratton brothers

Canadian hangings 1867 - 1962

Spanish executions 1812 - 1975

Rhoda Willis

Nazi female war criminals

Australian executions 1870 - 1967

Edith Thompson

Women executed by the Nazis


Susan Newell



Louie Calvert

Some cases from around the world

Charlotte Bryant

Irma Grese - Nazi war criminal

Mariette Bosch - Botswana

Dr. Buck Ruxton

Juana Borman - Nazi war criminal

Angel Pui Peng - hanged in Singapore for drugs

Nurse Waddingham

Jean Lee - the last woman hanged in Australia

Flor Contemplacion - hanged in Singapore for murder

James McNicol

Hilda Blake - the only woman hanged in Manitoba

John Scripps - hanged in Singapore for murder

Derek Bentley

Shahla Jahed - executed in Iran in 2010

Sandra Smith - last woman hanged in South Africa

Louisa Merrifield

Olga Hepnarová hanged in Czechoslovakia

Mona Fandey - hanged in Malaysia for murder

Styllou Christofi

Elina Zlatanova - Bulgaria’s last female execution

The Toa Payoh ritual murders in Singapore

Ruth Ellis



Dennis Howard

Links, about the author and bibliography

Vivian Teed


Peter Manuel

Links to other interesting sites

About the author and bibliography

Ronald Marwood

Book reviews


Guenther Podola



Henry John Burnett



Allen and Evans