Chester Circuit 1735 - 1799


The Chester Circuit covered the four counties of Chester, Denbigh, Flint and Montgomery. 
The Great Sessions, as they were called rather than Assizes in
Wales, were held twice a year at
Chester, Ruthin, Flint and Montgomery. 

A total of 75 confirmed executions together with 7 probable/possible one have been found for this circuit.



176 death sentences led to 48 confirmed executions and 1 possible one

Executions were carried out at Boughton, near Chester.



8 confirmed executions and 4 probable ones have been traced.

Executions were normally carried out near Ruthin.



12 confirmed executions plus 1 probable ones have been traced. These were
carried out on Flint Marshes (site of future Gaol)



7 confirmed executions and 2 possible ones have been traced. These were
carried out a on hillside overlooking


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