Links to other interesting sites.

British crime and punishment. -  Index to the Complete Newgate Calendar -
British crimes and punishments in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The Old Bailey on-line – searchable data base of London cases. - 1000 death penalty links - another useful resource. My friend Molly Cutpurse’s site on the original Holloway prison.

True crime library - Great site for true crime magazines, books and DVDs. – Very useful true crime site.

US crime and punishment. - Rob Gallagher’s amazing “Before the Needles” website chronicling all US executions up to 1967. - US Death Penalty Information Centre – very comprehensive site. Collection of useful articles on the US death penalty including those by Lester Jackson PhD and Dudley Sharp. Up to date news on the death penalty worldwide.

Executions on this day in history and the guillotine. Executions that took place on this day in history throughout the world. - Jørn Fabricius' excellent guillotine site. Bois de Justice - an amazingly comprehensive and beautifully illustrated site devoted to the guillotine.

Criminal justice education sites. – The Discover Criminal Justice site with the most complete database of accredited criminal justice educational programs. Criminal Justice: Capital Punishment Focus – a useful resource for students.

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