Norfolk Circuit Introduction


This Circuit covered the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire,
Norfolk and Suffolk together with the County of the City of Norwich and the jurisdictions
of Ely, Kings Lynn and Great Yarmouth.


A total of 455 confirmed executions plus 23 probable ones have been recorded.



Bedfordshire Assizes were always held at Bedford.  Executions took place at Gallows Corner, Bedford.
204 death sentences led to 42 confirmed executions & 13 probable ones.


The Lent Assizes were held at Aylesbury and Summer ones at Buckingham.
320 death sentences led to 91 confirmed executions and 8 probable ones.


The Assizes were always held at Cambridge.  105 death sentences led to 34 executions
which were carried out on Castle Hill.



62 death sentences have been traced which led to 17 executions being carried out.
Death sentences were passed at the Quarter Sessions of Gaol Delivery.
Executions took place “at the usual site on the outskirts of Ely”.


The Assizes were always held at Huntingdon. 57 death sentences led to 17 executions
which took place at Mill Common, Huntingdon.


The Lent Assizes were always held at Thetford and the Summer ones at Norwich. 
During the Summer Circuit on the same day as the shire Assizes were opened
Assizes were held for the County of the City of Norwich. 446 Norfolk death sentences led to 114 executions
A further 55 death sentences were passed at the City of Norwich Assizes leading to 13 executions

Executions took place at Castle Hill Norwich for the county and Castle Ditches Norwich for the City Assizes,
unless otherwise specified.



The Assizes were held at Ipswich and passed 377 death sentences which led to 116 confirmed executions,
plus 1 possible one.

These took place at Rushmere (on the outskirts of Ipswich) unless otherwise stated, until 1790,
when they transferred to the County Gaol at Ipswich.


King’s Lynn.

7 death sentences passed by Quarter Sessions at Kings Lynn led to 5 executions.

Great Yarmouth.

10 death sentences passed by Quarter Sessions at Great Yarmouth led to 6 executions.


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